new bond issue announced

€15 million 3.65% Stivala Group Finance plc Secured Bonds 2029 are listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. Available for download include the prospectus, financial information and other notifications and publications.

Company Announcements

30 April 2020 Approval of Guarantors Financial Statements Dec 2019Download
28 April 2020Approval of Consolidated Financial Statements Dec 2019Download
22 April 2020COVID-19 UpdateDownload
07 April 2020Board Meeting to approve Group Financial Statements ending December 2019Download
24 March 2020 COVID-19 UpdateDownload
05 February 2020 Resignation of DirectorDownload
23 August 2019Approval of Interim Unaudited Financial Statements ending 30 June 2019Download
12 August 2019Board Meeting to approve Interim Financial Statements June 2019Download
19 July 2019Approval of € 15,000,000 Stivala Group Finance p.l.c. 3.65% Secured Bonds 2029Download
17 July 2019Issue of € 15,000,000 Stivala Group Finance p.l.c. Secured Bonds 2029Download
27 June 2019Financial Analysis Report 2019Download
30 April 2019Enclosed Financial statements to Company Announcement STV10/2019Download
29 April 2019Groups Audited Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2018Download
29 April 2019Approval of consolidated Financial Statements Dec 2018Download
04 April 2019Board Meeting to approve the Financial StatementsDownload
17 September 2018Resignation and Appointment of new Financial ControllerDownload
21 August 2018Unaudited Interim Financial Statements June 2018Download
26 July 2018Approval of Interim unaudited financial statements ending 30 June 2018Download
29 May 2018Financial Analysis Report 2018Download
12 April 2018Annual ReportDownload
12 April 2018Unaudited Interim Financial StatementsDownload


Bond Issue Prospectus - Stivala Group Finance plc.

18 July 2019Financial Analysis SummaryDownload
18 July 2019Registration DocumentDownload
18 July 2019Securities NoteDownload
18 July 2019Summary NoteDownload
25 September 2017Financial Analysis SummaryDownload
25 September 2017Registration DocumentDownload
25 September 2017Securities NoteDownload
25 September 2017Summary NoteDownload


Memorandum and Articles of Association

26 September 2017Memorandum and Articles of Association of the GuarantorDownload
20 September 2017Memorandum and Articles of Association of the IssuerDownload


Annual Audited Financial Statements

DateDescriptionAnnouncment Code 
2020Audited financial statements of the GuarantorFY2019Download
2020Audited financial statements of the IssuerFY2019Download
2019Audited financial statements of the GuarantorFY2018Download
2019Audited financial statements of the IssuerFY2018Download
2017Audited financial statements of the GuarantorFY2017Download
2016Audited financial statements of the Guarantor FY2016Download
2015Audited financial statements of the Guarantor FY2015Download
2014Audited financial statements of the Guarantor FY2014Download


Interim Audit

DateDescriptionAnnouncment Code 
2019Unaudited Interim SGFFY Jun 19Download
2018Unaudited Interim SGFFY Jun 18Download
2017Unaudited Interim SGFFY Dec 17Download


PDMR Notifications

Person discharging
managerial responsibility
DateInstrument TypeNature of TransactionPlace of TransactionCurrencyPrice Volume Other information


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